PET Competence

One of KHS’ new TriBlock systems has been in production in Albertirsa in Hungary for several months now at Aquarius Aqua, Hungary’s largest beverage bottler for generic brands.

InnoPET TriBlock stretch blow molder/labeler/filler | InnoPET TriBlock Aqua M

Energy-efficient stretch blow molding/labeling/filling technology for your PET bottles

Three in one: highly efficient technology for your PET bottles and single-serve bottles of still water.

Benefits and highlights

Suitable for the CSD and NCSD segment
(InnoPET TriBlock Aqua M)

Flexible bottle shapes and sizes with optimum stability and low weights

Ideal for large product lines

Savings generated by blocking the blow molder, labeler and filler

Capacity of up to 82,000 bottles per hour with low energy consumption

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