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PET pioneers

Corpoplast’s decades of PET expertise perfectly complement the extensive KHS portfolio, with which we offer our customers the full range of products and services in filling and packaging technology – from the development of individual container design concepts through single machines to turnkey lines including round-the-clock service.

Our focus is and always has been on developing sustainable containers with an attractive design, ever adopting a holistic approach to the manufacture, filling, labeling and packaging of PET containers throughout the entire filling and packaging line.

Milestones in PET expertise


Stretch blow molding technology is born

Machine manufacturers Heidenreich & Harbeck focus on innovation and invest in the development and engineering of a high-performance blow molder which produces plastic bottles for beer – then made of PVC.


Premiere for PET

Dupont presents what is to date a secret material which demonstrates much better properties than PVC and paves the way for the success of the plastic bottle – stretch blow-moldable PET. As early as in May 1971 Gildemeister starts to develop a high-capacity rotary machine for the stretch blow molding of PET bottles.


Founding of Corpoplast

The first series of high-performance stretch blow molders is ready for market. The recently founded Corpoplast company is the manufacturer of these high-quality machines.


Success has a name: Blomax

The top technology of the stretch blow molding model, which has long successfully established itself on the market, is constantly further developed. In its third generation it gains the new name of Blomax Series III.


Launch of PLASMAX barrier coating

The next innovation conquers the market: a system for the barrier coating of PET bottles celebrates one success after another. Under the name of PLASMAX it has been jointly developed by SIG and HiCotec (Schott AG). Following a number of scientific awards and approval by the FDA industrial tests at Bischofszell Nahrungsmittel AG are not long in coming.


Corpoplast and Plasmax join the KHS Group

With the help of Corpoplast and Plasmax the KHS Group now offers the entire range of PET line expertise. Its specialist fields include comprehensive consultancy in PET bottle design and lightweighting right up to the construction of turnkey filling and packaging systems engineered to the latest standards.


World premieres of the Blomax Series IV and stretch blow molder/filler

At drinktec in Munich, Germany, KHS presents the InnoPET Blomax Series IV. The high-performance stretch blow molder proves especially convincing with its output of up to 72,000 bottles per hour – at the time a world record. With its InnoPET BloFill stretch blow molder/filler block the KHS Group also has the first block concept for the filling and packaging of still water in PET bottles on display.


KHS launches the world’s lightest 0.5-liter PET bottle with a screw cap for highly carbonated beverages to market weighing just 10.9 grams.


Top innovations for future markets

Several new block concepts find their way onto the market, among them the TriBlock and InnoPET FreshSafe TriBlock. The opening of the new PET competence center is a further testimony to the company’s specialization in future-proof developments.


Corpoplast and Plasmax merge

KHS Plasmax and KHS Corpoplast become a single entity. In doing so they pool their PET expertise and strengthen their position as a supplier of barrier, stretch blow molding and block systems.


At drinktec 2017 KHS presents three PET world premieres:

InnoPET TriBlock Aqua M
This compact block system especially for single-serve formats offers a maximum output of up to 82,000 bottles per hour.

InnoPET Plasmax 2Q/4Q
The innovative PET-barrier coating especially suited to small companies and converters.

Five grams for 500 milliliters
The lightest 0.5-liter PET bottle known to KHS for still water is the result of a co-operation with Canadian injection molding machine manufacturer and world market leader Husky.


Premiere of the InnoPET Blomax Series V

Even more resources saved through intelligent processing systems during preform heating and in the stretch blow molding process. A maximum of 36 blow stations with a specific capacity of up to 2,500 containers per hour/blow station, suitable for practically all standard plastic, bio-based or rPET containers.


UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg

The UmweltPartnerschaft, an institution of the Hamburg environmental authority for the promotion of voluntary operational environmental protection, certifies the PET specialists at KHS as a sustainable company.


Merger of KHS Corpoplast with and into KHS GmbH

March 1, 2021: Merger of KHS Corpoplast GmbH in Hamburg with and into KHS GmbH in Dortmund with retroactive economic effect from January 1, 2021.