PET Competence

2023 sustainability report

For a balance of sustainable values – find out all about our commitment.

The current issue for 2023 is the sixth consecutive voluntary report to have been issued. From now on we will inform you of our developments with respect to strategy and governance, product responsibility, operational ecology and social governance on a yearly basis.

We have provided quantifiable, transparent and thus verifiable information on our diverse areas of commitment to sustainability since 2015. In the main body of the publication we present the strategic pillars of our company and report on our corporate commitment to conserving resources and protecting the climate, on the product developments made to our line and packaging systems and solutions and on the challenges presented by demographic development and climate change resulting from human activities.

For instance, in the 2023 reporting year we commissioned our first photovoltaic system at our plant in Dortmund, Germany. Furthermore, our team at the production site in Brazil now uses 100% certified green electricity at their factory. In addition, following the successful implementation of a carbon calculator for our packaging systems, we are now extending its use to include first modernization measures.

One of the main purposes of this document is to report on the economic, ecological and social impact of KHS’ business operations, using key figures to substantiate this. Our data base was again extended in the drawing up of the current report. Specially developed KPIs enable the level of goal achievement with respect to our sustainability efforts to be quantified. 

As part of the Salzgitter Group’s Technology Business Unit, KHS also provides data for the annual, separately compiled, non-financial report included in the annual report issued by Salzgitter AG. Being integrated into the Group reporting process provides new impetus for discussions with our employees, customers and business partners, further stakeholders and the interested public.

Our voluntary report is produced with reference to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In close cooperation with Salzgitter AG, KHS has based its report on the reporting rules defined in particular by the upcoming EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the EU’s taxonomy directives.